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HR Lancers LIVE happens each month for the community. All HR Lancers are invited to join in the conversation.






Self Publishing a Book, One Consultant's Journey

With special guest Jodi Brandsetter

Creating Your CVP: consulting value proposition

With Chris Russell

Personal Marketing Tips for HR Lancers

With special guest Tim Sackett

Content Marketing Tips for HR Lancers

With Chris Russell, Chief Lancer.


Job Search Advice for the HR Crowd

Laura Mazzullo from East Side Staffing.

Future of Work

Author/consultant Katie Augsberger shares her thoughts on the future of work.

Career Advice for HR Freelancers

Laurie Ruettimann shares her advice.

How to Get Started with HR Blogging

Suzanne Lucas from the Evil HR Blog shares her advice.

How to Get Started Speaking in HR

Jennifer is an HR consultant and one of the top speakers on the HR conference circuit. She will discuss how to get started with speaking in HR. Learn more:

Favorite Apps of HR Freelancers