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Jan 30, 2020

Jason Kent Crowell / Talent Pipeline Builder

  • Recruiting Process and Media Manager, Employer Brand Leader
  • Palisade, CO, US
Telecommute Candidate Experience Employer Branding Employee Experience Public Relations Recruiting Recruitment Marketing Talent Acquisition

Personal Summary (describe yourself)

I was a Recruiter before we all had computers on each desk.

When the internet came of age, I was among the first crop of Recruiters using the web to source candidates.

I was an early recruitment adopter of Social media, Video, and Employer Brand.  

Manufacturing 13 years, Transportation 11 years, Call Center 2 years - mostly high volume, front-line recruiting expertise. 

Work Experience

Recruiting Process and Media Manager
Jan 2015 - El Camino Staffing

Tenacious and creative People Process leader with a passion for attracting, engaging, and supporting people"
Talent Acquisition * Marketing/Advertising *Employer Branding * Media Management * Communications

Recruiting and Retention Manager 2015 - Present
Brady Trucking - ($75MM) www.drivebrady.com
Reporting to the CEO, lead all recruiting, staffing, employee engagement, and retention teams. Managed all media, translated company culture to employer brand through employee stories. Developed KPIs and managed People Process with high energy and an infectiously positive attitude.

* Drive all media with an emphasis on audience Zero Moment of Truth & employee generated content to capture & project the company's unique Employer Value Proposition (heavily leveraged in video). Record setting applicant flow month over month, while reducing spend per hire 20%
* Built and trained Managers and Recruiters on high volume, quality, affordable staffing systems
* Reduced Turnover 31% during a 40% headcount growth
* PR and Relationship-building for employer brand (press releases, national news coverage, NPR interview)
* Pioneered online employee recognition and rewards program with employee surveys and the MyBradyRewards.com platform site to redeem points for behaviors the company is trying to engender
* Implemented weekly "pulse surveys" via text to foster communication and drive employee engagement

Corporate Recruiter
Jan 2011 - Jan 2015 Links Logistics

($50MM) www.linkslogistics.com
Reported to the President. Talent acquisition and management for multi-state 3PL organization (10 sites). Strategic recruitment process development, training, and execution for disparate, recently acquired business units. Planned and produced employment advertising; centralized recruitment function and executed plan to successfully staff during worsening CDL Driver shortage.

* Implemented an ultra-low-cost social media recruitment strategy, generating and producing informational content to inform and attract target audience on organization's unique EVP in a newly created Recruiter role for a family-owned company in acquisition mode. Established and consistently improved Staffing KPIs for quality, speed and cost; zero ad cost for last 6 months (heavy focus on video)
* Trained Managers on high volume staffing model including staffing funnel, Behavioral Interviewing, and retention strategies. Designed Careers section functionality of new website
* Developed and Implemented a Red Carpet on-boarding process speeding new hires' indoctrination into company culture and strategic business vision & Introduced Exit Interview strategy to align recruitment message with business operations (the Realistic Job Preview, RJP) resulting in turnover reduction 35%

Recruiting Manager
Jan 2009 - Jan 2011 StarTek, Inc

($600MM) www.startek.com
Reported to central Corporate Director Talent acquisition and media management for 2 AT&T call centers (500 agents). All Marketing, branding, community involvement; Planned and executed a concerted brand message process and successfully staffed traditionally high turnover centers with zero recruitment ad cost. Strategically designed and implemented ultra-low-cost PR appearing on radio weekly and TV regularly with little to no advertising cost.

* Developed a "Community Matters" brand leveraging the company's community involvement, which blossomed the sole recruiting tool and source of hire. Planned and executed charity events, brought in Community Partners, hosted weekly radio show, coordinated volunteers and fund raisers to drive employer brand awareness.
* Introduced "Post Mortem" meetings with operations.
* Achieved 100% Staffing as of November 2010. Became the traveling Recruitment resource, collaborating in various StarTek sites across the US with Recruiting and Interview Training. Trained Staffing Coordinators, Hiring Managers, and Peer Recruiting Managers on the recruiting funnel and staffing process.
* Over 100% job fill rate, 89% training throughput (goal 80%), best attrition KPI ever realized at the local site

Corporate Recruiter
Jan 2007 - Jan 2009 Waste Management, Inc

($14B) www.wm.com
Reported to Area HR Manager. Talent acquisition, management, and retention for the Western Slope of Colorado (14 sites). Employer branding, community involvement; Planned and executed a concerted recruitment process and successfully staffed areas with extremely low unemployment and high cost of living while serving as a 'pilot' Market Area for new RPO. Achieved 100% full staffing for 1st time in the last 10 years.

* Developed Market Area On-boarding process speeding new hires' indoctrination into safety culture
* Introduced Exit Interview strategy to pinpoint problematic areas. Established "source of hire' KPIs.
* Performed and attended DDI Front Line Manager trainings as part of a succession planning push
* Hired 9 new Managers in my 14 sites; also sent 4 successful candidates to other Market areas
* Monitored formal salary surveys, while conducting informal in-house salary surveys
* Introduced the Recruiter role to a company/area who hadn't had one, creating staffing that was repeatable, predictable, and reliable. Contributed nation-wide to RPO 'pilot' identifying and eliminating bugs in its 1st year
* Procured free press in newspapers & radio via press release and community involvement

Senior Corporate Recruiter
Jan 1997 - Jan 2007 Generac Power Systems

($750MM) www.generac.com
Reported to VP of HR. Talent acquisition and management at all levels of the organization in all functional areas (engineering, accounting, sales, marketing, IT, HR, and various skilled and unskilled labor). Lead various vendor selection processes (3rd party recruiters, ATS software, job boards, advertising).

* Successfully recruited a staff that grew 400% during my tenure
* Instituted relationships with specialty schools and universities, managed internship program, hosted class tours of the factories, volunteered for mock interviews at area schools
* Introduced Behavioral Interviewing and trained Hiring Managers (1998)
* Trained many junior recruiters for Engineering, IT, Accounting, Marketing, and Operations


Aug 1986 - Dec 1993 University of Wisconsin
AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter
Dale Carnegie Graduate