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Feb 19, 2020


  • Chief Financial Officer/Asst
  • Victoria, Texas, 77904, US
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Personal Summary (describe yourself)

o Supervised and supported 147 employees comprised of 8 direct reporting levels
o Created leadership cohorts for mentorships.
o Piloted 'home-grown' scholarship programs for employee advancement into management programs.
o Collaborated with other Colleges and Universities to create 'Master Programs' for advancement.
o Worked with legal representatives to maintain, correct, and advance Policies & Procedures.
o Involved in community outreach program to assist in policy development for the Board of Trustees.

o Liaised with Red Cross and Emergency Management to prepare the personnel and community for the
devastating hurricane including readiness of an emergency shelter for the community and first
o Implemented a funding allocation formula that allowed planning personnel units more efficiently
resulting in significant savings
o Collaborated with FEMA and insurance provider in hurricane, disaster recovery including organizing and
implementing the start up after disaster

o Increased fund balance 250% from two months operating to five months operating during 2012 to
o Aligned pay range structures to assist in staff retention within budget.
o Partnered with Board of Trustees to develop policy on discretionary fund usage
o Maintain a Texas Superior First rating for financial forecast and analysis

Budgetary Preparation & Oversight• Onboarding • Terminations/Critical Conversations• Employee
Advancement • Project Management • Risk Manager • Crisis Intervention • Business Management • Agile
Negotiator/Contract and Development • Process Analyses /Process Improvements
Effective, Creative Communicator • Adept Collaborator • Proven Leadership Skills
• Regulatory Compliance • Fiscal Management • Mentor, Trainer, Teacher & Coach •Skilled Decision-Maker •
Strong Relationship Builder • Diversity & Inclusion Proponent • Exceeds Expectations

Work Experience

Chief Financial Officer/Asst
Jan 2007 - Jan 2020 BISD-, Victoria County

Supt of HR, Operations, Federal Programs, and Development

DEVELOPED multi-million-dollar budget for every fiscal year and monitored expenses and revenue for variance throughout the year

REPORTED quarterly investment reports and monthly finance statements to Governing Board

ESTABLISHED operating cost and mechanics to improve reserves by department analysis

CREATED methodology for revenue expansion and operations advancement

AUTHORED and awarded numerous grants from both local and federal level

SUPERVISED and supported 147 employees' daily operations consisting of Accounts Payable/Rec., HR, Business
Dept., Medicaid and MSB claiming dept., Transportation, Logistics, Food Service, Construction and Project

PILOTED 'home-grown' programs to help employees achieve advancement and mentorships for career
CREATED onboarding procedures for hiring and created termination guidelines and procedures.

PROVIDED training and professional development to staff

NEGOTIATED benefits packages from vendors for employees and wrote implementation policies for new hires

AUTHORED policies to be adopted concerning financial procedures, personnel procedures, and local governance

FOSTERED and developed relationships with governmental and outside agencies for financial support and representation.

INCREASED operating budgets by 250% over two years. Was charged with creation and adoption of budgets for the last 13 years.

MANAGED construction and project management for 11 years. Least valued project was $8M

LIAISED with agencies and insurance carriers as the primary risk manager for the multimillion dollar asset owned.

Program Analyst
Jan 2004 - Jan 2007 Department of Homeland Security, GCRPC, Victoria County

DEVELOPED programs for first responders, colleges, and universities to participate in for training for emergency
preparedness. (Active shooters, fire drill, hazardous condition, etc.)

RESEARCHED regions throughout Texas for improvement tactics to be utilized in events of natural
disasters/human capital/first responders

CREATED training materials used statewide for emergency preparedness.

BUILT relationships with schools, counties, and governmental entities to provide funding opportunities through
new programs and incentives.

TAUGHT classes on Homeland Security and Emergency Chapters throughout Texas

Compression Clerk
Jan 2002 - Jan 2004 Pratka Compression Services

PREPARED schedule of call outs and repairs

SUPERVISED work crews and maintenance personnel

PLANNED and maintained emergency call out list for vendors and client

INVOICED and collected on accounts
116 Kingwood Forest Drive, Victoria, Texas 77904
Email: MistyBrasfield@yahoo.com Mobile Telephone: 361.649.6871

Lori Schiltz
Mentor, WGU-
College Mentor

Delores Warnell

Richard McBrayer
Victoria County Emergency Management Dept.


Master of Science (MS) - Leadership
- Jan 2018 Western Governors University
Master of Science (MS) - Business
- Jan 2014 University of Houston
Bachelor of Business Administration - Business Administration
- Jan 2014 University of Houston