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Feb 13, 2020

Terri Poindexter

  • Human Resource Professional - Contract, part-time, full time, temp
  • Greater Los Angeles, or Orange County areas
On Site or Remote HRIS HR Technology Human Resources Employee Relations Payroll

Personal Summary (describe yourself)

Accomplished Human Resource Executive with 15+ years of specialized experience implementing and
overseeing all areas of Human Resources and Payroll, primarily in: Start-ups & small to medium scale
companies. Experience includes companies with complex multi-state and international locations in
Entertainment, Consumer Products, Technology and Retail Sales/Manufacturing, Customer Service. Critical
contributor on several company & department start-ups, acquisitions, mergers & divestitures. Maximized
bottom-line performance through P&L, staff management, loss control, various inventory management
initiatives, etc. with the expertise/skills below.


• HR Best Practices
• Employee Relations
• Talent Acquisition
• Staff Coaching & Mentoring
• Recruiting
• Benefits Implemen./Analytics
• Legal Compliance
• HR Strategic Development
• HR Support (10-2,500 ees)
• Communications
• HR, Benefits, General
Business Analytics
• Employee Performance
Improvement &
• Training & Development
(Leaders & Staff)
• HR Policy, Process Design
& Implementation
• Compensation Plan/Design
• Corporate Culture
• Supervision (1-35 ees)
• Easy assimilation into any
• Change Management
• Workforce Planning
& Development
• M&A Strategies &
Due Diligence
• Payroll & HRIS Selection
& Implementation
• Start-ups,
Acquisitions, Mergers,
• Preference for Hands-
On positions


• MS Office Proficient (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)•
• Payroll & HRIS Platforms:•
o ADP - Total Source & Workforce Now for US and Canadian employers
o ADP - Several older versions/platforms, such as PC Payroll for Windows
o RISE (Canadian Payroll/HRIS System/Platform)
o A few in-house HRIS/Payroll systems (examples Disney, The Children's Place)
o Other misc. payroll/HRIS systems/platforms.
• Other software programs as needed for projects, etc. such as OrgPlus, SuccessFactors, SAP, Intro & Annual Employee

Work Experience

Contract Full Time

Independent HR/Payroll Consulting Projects - February 2018 - Current
(small/medium sized companies 10 - 25 employees). Entertainment, College Athletic, Manufacturing, Education,
etc. Various contract assignments.
• HR Department Audits; Payroll and Benefits Audits; Training and Development Seminars & Manuals; Handbooks
Revision, Design, & Development; Safety Programs & Manuals - Design & Development

Present (Contract PT)

Special urgent job wage analysis for a top Executive for the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs;
Handbook Creation for the membership of approximately 3,900.

Executive Recruiting; HR Legal Compliance

Payroll Analytics/Processing; Special Projects for CEO; Handbook

Vice President / Business Partner - International Human Resources
Aug 2016 - Feb 2018 Music Entertainment

August 2016 - February 2018
[Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Nashville, Vancouver BC, London, Hamburg] Entertainment Industry

Vice President / Business Partner - International Human Resources
Human Resources Employment Law Compliance Payroll/HRIS Facilities Office Administration
Communications Staffing Legislative Compliance - Supported Approximately 100 -150 employees internationally.

- Redesigned Department(s) based on HR industry "best practices".
- Brought the company into legal compliance in multiple areas of HR, Payroll, and Office Administration.
- Managed the day to day operations in multiple fast-paced complicated environments.
- Selected/Implemented HRIS platforms, which saved more than $125K annually in the US & saved
$150K annually in Vancouver BC.

- Designed/Implemented legally compliant employment contracts.
- Designed/Implemented the company's first electronic, 360 degree employee review process.
- Improved overall morale by implementing "Disney Best Practice" programs.
- Resolved numerous past US employment tax and employment law issues in five different states W/I 6 mos.
- Implemented two upgraded HRIS technology programs - annual savings to the company in excess of $275K.

Executive Consultant - Human Resources Start-up

Hollywood, CA November 2015 - August, 2016
Entertainment Industry
Executive Consultant - Human Resources Start-up Payroll/HRIS Implementation Legal Compliance

- Selected based on specific HR and Technical skills to implement HR/Payroll/HRIS Strategies, services,
& programs after a restructuring with the former parent company after a bankruptcy.
- Supported from 120 - 800 employees (based on TV productions) in the greater Los Angeles area.
- Established the day to day full-cycle operations of the Human Resource and Payroll Departments.
- Providing leadership training based on legal requirements and best practices in the industry.
- Provided a more complex employee relations expertise to all levels/types of employees.
- Resolved a $250K error in State of California employment taxes in favor of the company.
- Identified a significant programming problem with programming with the ADP software regarding 401K
benefits deductions that had been overlooked by ADP.
- This 90-Day assignment expanded into almost a year because of my overall HR, Employee Relations,
HRIS/Payroll, and Legal skills.

WESTINGHOUSE DIGITAL ELECTRONICS, LLC - Orange, CA Technology Retail Sales/Manufacturing
(US/International High Tech Electronics and Lighting Manufacturing & Retail Sales)
Locations supported: US, Japan, Taiwan
Sr. Executive Director & AVP / Business Partner of Shared Services: HR, Payroll, Office Admin.,
Customer Svc.

HRIS/Payroll Processing/Benefits Admin
Jun 2006 - Nov 2015 Complex Employee Relations, Facilities' Management, Building Security

June 2006 - November 2015 Overall Core Responsibilities: Full-Cycle Human Resources and Payroll Operations:
Complex Employee Relations, Facilities' Management, Building Security, Start-Ups, Acquisitions, Mergers, Divestitures,
Compliance with Employment and Payroll Laws for Federal & State of California, supported from 200 - 1,000 employees

Reporting to the CEO - Worked in a complex fast-paced start-up environment, which included the areas of HR,
HRIS/Payroll Processing/Benefits Admin, Budget Review/Compliance, Public Relations, Legal Employment Compliance,
Special Projects, Customer Service & In-house Call Center set-up and supervise.

- Changed the culture of the consumer electronics retail/manufacturer during an intense "start• up" phase.
- Overhauled a personnel department into a full-fledged Human Resources Department.
- Selected and trained/developed the new HR team. Started with one person, ending up with 35 employees in 5
departments, which included a new Call Center.
- Designed, developed and implemented policies and procedures to meet the company goals and objectives.
- Developed the corporate communication structure.
- Negotiated and implemented new benefits plans, which ultimately saved the company several at least $100K annually,
and ultimately we were able to offer much better benefits, a much larger option selection, at a much lower cost to the company as well as employees.
- Created and implemented pay structure levels within the company to align with short/long term goals and objectives.
- Designed and provided leadership development training to the company executives.
- Handled divestiture of previous companies and created new entities as the company direction expanded.
- Sourced property for company moves and expansion.
- Successfully represented the company in legal meetings & hearings. Represented the company regarding grievances,
and in arbitration hearings, Federal Compliance meetings; with no lost cases or hearings.
- Served as the primary Customer Service liaison between the company and Sr. Executives at CBS Corporation.
- Identified significant problem with a line of TV products by analyzing/interpreting customer service/sales data,
which allowed identification of discrepancies that saved the company in excess of $2M in product labiality, and greatly improved our external customer service.
- Other info - received a $20K Spot Bonus from the CEO because of the significant and immediate positive Employee
Relations impact on the overall workforce made during my first few weeks with the Company.

Electronics Assembly Plant (production of top quality printed circuit boards for US aircraft.
HR Administrator

Selected as part of a 27-person team (nation-wide Westinghouse Corporation locations) for a new, unique start-up to implement Westinghouse Corporate "Best in Class" full company initiatives. Responsibilities were: Employee Relations,
Benefits, Safety & Security, Special Projects in a High tech, very high security manufacturing environment.

Special Sr. HR Executive Consultant

Overall Areas of Expertise: Acquisitions, Mergers,
Divestitures, Employee Relations, HRIS, Multi-State Employment and Payroll Laws, Employee Relations, Contract
interpretation, Approximately 2,500+ employees in the Southern and Western US Regions.

Consumer Products & Retail Sales (Two Long Term Projects for: Disney Consumer Products Division & Hoop Retail - International Consumer Products & Retail Sales)

Project 1 - Reporting to the VP of Human Resources for the Disney Stores Retail Group - Selected to assist during transition period for divestiture of The Disney Store, Inc. from the Walt Disney Corporation and merger
with The Children's Place, Inc. Primary duties included: Complex HR mergers/acquisition transition
assistance; strategic planning, assist the Disney Corp Legal Department to investigate/resolve EEOC legal
cases for the field (primarily California, Texas, Arizona, Hawaii); employee relations for 150+ Retail Stores in the US Western Region comprised of over 2,500+ non-union and union employees. Three week assignment
turned into several months because of my employee relations and legal background/expertise.

Project 2 - Returned to the Disney Stores (by request of a Sr. Disney Store Sr. Executive & Legal Department), to assist with the continued merger process between the two organizations (Hoop Retail taking over operations of Disney Store North America). Provided primary support to Southern and Western US
Disney retail stores with more than 2K employees (union and non-union) nation-wide, which primarily included
employee relations, legal compliance, and workers' comp.

Jan 2003 - Jan 2004

General HR & Payroll Management Consultant for various companies including
education, medical, medical equipment, insurance. 2 - 50 employees. 2003 - 2004

Executive Director/Business Partner - Human Resources & Payroll Departments
Jan 1996 - Jan 2003 US TV Entertainment

RHYTHM & HUES SPECIAL EFFECTS STUDIOS, INC. - Los Angeles, CA 1996 - 2003 - Entertainment
High Tech Special Effects Post Production (US TV Entertainment)

Executive Director/Business Partner - Human Resources & Payroll Departments - 7 years
Overall Areas of Expertise: Acquisitions, Mergers, Employee Relations, Nation-Wide Employment and Payroll Laws, Self-
Insured Benefits design, implementation, and compliance. Office Administration, Facilities, negotiations of general
agreements/contracts. 200 - 1K Employees in California depending on the project(s).
Reported to the CEO/Primary Owner.

- Headed a full cycle Human Resource Department Start-Up.
- Handled payroll processing implementation for $10M bi-weekly payroll.
- Handled HR & Payroll strategic planning programs.
- Office Administration,
- Instrumental in merger/acquisition of Fox Division special effects studio;
- Other areas of responsibility:
- Immigration,
- International recruiting,
- Legal compliance,
- Employee policies & procedure development & implementation,
- Training & development,
- Budget creation and control.
- Initial part of a small team of HR professionals in the southern California post-production entertainment
environment who decided to create a very special group to assis/support each other with HR challenges in recruiting, layoffs, immigration, hiring, etc. with Best Practices and other non-confidential challenges.
Some of the companies represented in this initial small group were Sony, Lucas Industries, and Fox

Position started as a short term 30-day "temp assignment".


Southern California College of Law
Masters - labor relations & employment laws
Michigan State University
Bachelors of Arts - Business Administration and Public Policy
Lake Michigan College
Associates - Legal Sciences

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