Apr 29, 2021

Recruiter for medicine, science, and technical education / consultants & advisors

  • College Admission Central, LLC
  • Remote (USA)
On Site or Remote Recruiting

Gig Description

College Admission Central is seeking freelance recruiters who have been successful in identifying professional candidates in medicine, science, and technical education.

We have multiple part-time and freelance positions to fill:

—Position Qualification #1: Physicians and/or scientists to mentor STEM-interested high school students and guide them in preparation of medical or science research papers.

—Position Qualification #2: Top-notch AP science teachers who can both tutor and direct student projects. Particular interest in AP Bio, Chem, Physics, and Environmental Science. Also have openings for AP English Language & Composition or AP English Literature teacher/tutors.

—Position Qualification #3: Ex-college admissions officer (Ivy league or Top-Tier) to assist students with college applications and edit essays.

—Position Qualification #4: Medical school application essay editor/advisor.

These positions are open to candidates anywhere in the USA or Canada and all work is done by email correspondence, phone, or Zoom/Skype.



Project Work

Budget (hourly or project based)