Jun 02, 2020

Sr. Recruiters (remote / corporate-sniper ) 15+ yrs: DoD, defense, engineering, cyber-security

  • TalentGen Global, USA
  • Richmond, Virginia, United States

Gig Description

Company Description

TalentGen Global, USA is utilizing integrity driven ingenuity to provide 'win-win' solutions.

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Our client is conducting a compensation investigation to attract and retain 'self-sufficient' Sr. Recruiters either; W2 contract or salary with commission/bonus. Compensation is currently open.

500M$ Joint Venture.

The Sr. Recruiting position (s) could progress to Talent Manager or Talent Lead.

Our client is seeking: smart, happy, and customer oriented staffing support. The position looks strong as they're seeking the most knowledge recruiters to build teams, as "people make the company and CEO a global success (vs) competitors." The client (simply) does not have time for hand-holding or mentoring. Rather, hiring employee's whom know their jobs well with: entrepreneur, broad & deep, proactive - thinkers :)

They mention "fix-it" guru's often / "bring up issues broken to fix."

If you know your job well. They're super nice/smart client to work with.

Client stated: "our company staffing team is more important than executive team, as retaining targeted talent beats our competitors while customers are satisfied, and which raises stock prices, and attracts more customers.."

"It all starts with the staffing team."

  • Provided any recruiting tools necessary for your success as a recruiter and staffing team.
  • Not a recruiting position which you'll be 'set-up to fail.'

Job Description

Sr. Recruiter (s); Remote / Virtual with 25% travel. To drive corporate staffing from ground - UP.
  • College degree is NOT required.
  • Seeking "career recruiters" even if economic laps in employment.
  • Sniper recruiting (more time sourcing/relationship building) - not spam recruiting.
  • Required to know your targets with skill-set ranges acceptable (spam spends time with spam, and more than targeted results).
  • Strong industry experience within; DoD, Cyber-Security, Defense.
  • Full-Cycle duties range from: sourcing, closing, negotiating offers/options, offer letters, background checks within corporate requirements.
  • Required to call candidates advising JOB description eMailed.
  • Required to contact candidates outside employment hours with weekend hours (for hard to reach contacts). Regular hours to 7p - speaking with candidates outside employment hours. However, Fridays are flexible with only morning.
  • Morning global meeting with leadership teams.
  • Attend your division Hiring Managers and HR remote meetings to hear about new projects or project changes. They'll ask you (briefly) about their division recruiting and if obstacles (on both sides) which they might offer assistance to the recruiter as well, etc. ** Believing, by their division recruiter attending the technical/engineering meetings - their division recruiter will have a great 'visual' of staffing needs / more associated with Hiring Manager team / helps the recruiter to perform their jobs with more sniper recruiting techniques. Basically, recruiters are truly partnered with the Hiring Manger team, more than HR Team. It's a dotted line to HR . With straight line to your division VP on his budget.
  • Strong customer service and closing skills.
  • Excellent, staffing, time-management
  • Pre-qualify candidates in 10-15 minutes with understanding they're busy - get to the root of the JOB in a kind, quick, and professional manor while reaching candidates on phone. Don't need to schedule, long, pre-qualifying, phone interviews when a sniper recruiter.
  • Thorough understanding of 2-3 page 'rocket-science' JOB descriptions.
  • Not intimidated by resumes 2-5 pages long with ability to read between resume lines and past key-words. ** Client does not limit candidates resumes or decline top candidates with detailed resume; as the more detailed the better. Basically, client accepts candidates 'master resumes' submitted, and to ensure 'no candidate left in the dust.'
  • Required to understand or strong 'self-efficient' and 'pro-active' research: industries, alternative skill-sets, with project knowledge's.
  • Required to drive Hiring Manager process within Human Resource process.
  • Seeking self-efficient recruiters as 'no hand-holding.'
  • Ability to thoroughly track ATS with precision for 'open, hire, close' ratio's.
  • Post JOBs.
  • Create JOB orders.
  • Human Resource (general) legal and ethical knowledge's.
  • Permanent Corporate Staffing; Leadership, Engineering, Government, Cyber-Security.
  • Contract Staffing for Engineering and Consultants billing: $65.00-$400.00+/hr. Internal corporate recruiters will: find, negotiate and retain the internal contract/consultants. While negotiating the "spread."
  • Basically, a recruiter whom "is like a dog with a bone" with strong visual to "head-off passes" including "proactive thought process."
  • A recruiter accustom to "doing it all" without direction. Simply, knows staffing "inside and out", and with no task too small or large.
  • Professional recruiter who truly enjoys staffing with candidate and Hiring Manager interaction.
  • Candidate must know staffing "extremely well', as will drive hiring Managers with Human Resource partnering - basically, you're expected to be 'the boss of yourself' and "take control."
  • Offer staffing idea's. Especially, if saves time and offers Hiring Managers and HR - quality "Time Management."
  • Drive interviewing process for better candidate (experience) and Hiring Manger (time management - is key).
  • Sourcing with strong (kind) relationship building.
  • Pipeline from 40-70+ within diversified skills.
  • Must answer the phone and be available, although remote/virtual.
  • Provided a company cell.
  • Provided a company lap-top.


  • 15+ years Sr. Recruiting within large global corporate, start-ups and staffing agency.
  • 15+ years in technology and leadership recruiting with recent; DoD, Defense, Engineering, Cyber-security.
  • 15+ years full-cycle staffing.
  • Contract and Permanent staffing employment history.
  • Strong, follow-up and follow-through.
  • Excellent communication.
  • Proactive thinker.
  • Knowledge of "Rolling Pipeline Tactics."
  • Knowledge of "Project Level Prioritizing."
  • Strong, relationship building.
  • Ability to read past resume key-words relating over-all skills.
  • Excellent communication.
  • Excellent customer service techniques.
  • Excellent 'offer to close' ratios.
  • Previous experience rolling pipe-line of 50-70+ requirements.

Additional Information

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