Apr 28, 2020

Senior Recruitment Manager

  • Bay Street Staffing
  • Remote
Telecommute Recruiting Sourcing

Gig Description

We know times will be a little challenging over the next few days and weeks, when things start turning around and we will be looking for a Senior Recruitment Managers/ Account Managers in a number of major cities

We are looking for people with experience in 360 recruitment to help grow relationships with clients

We are looking to expand and need a number of great people in major cities that love to help grow an organization

You will be...

  • Responsible for executing and driving new and existing recruitment initiatives
  • Employ traditional sourcing methodologies through online job boards and industry association sites
  • Interview, assess and present qualified candidates to the business based on job profiles
  • Provide counsel on best practices and policies to ensure effective execution of recruitment strategies and initiatives.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Sourcing qualified candidates through: Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) & job boards
  • Must be comfortable with direct sourcing, networking, and social media platforms
  • Highly innovative, out-of-the-box thinker
  • Ability to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment, managing multiple openings and highly demanding client groups
  • Extremely, motivated, goal-oriented and driven by success
  • Strong administrative and computer skills i.e. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Preparing postings and sourcing candidates as appropriate; including utilizing a variety of strategies such as advertising, social media, networking, marketing materials
  • Working to understand and communicate location specific recruiting opportunities
  • Develops and executes sourcing techniques and external networks to generate a quality pool of candidates

Here is more about us and what type of company we are :

Why work with us

  1. Flexible work hours – if you prefer to work from HOME, you can. Over the past decade, we have always let our employees work from their HOME or the Office, whatever works better for you
  2. All Staff work from home on Friday's 
  3. “We First, NOT Me First” we strive to have a culture of teamwork. It's better to Win as a Team. 
  4. No BORING meetings – we keep them down to 1-2 team in person meetings a month
  5. NO Micromanaging – just get your ***** done. We have heard of companies doing morning and afternoon meetings, and constant micro-managing to go over the same details, seems a little excessive and poor management
  6. KPI’s – there should be a few accountabilities in our business, First, how many interviews we are getting, and second, how many clients and candidates we have helped delivered, everything else, doesn’t matter, some companies make their recruiters and account managers have to interview and make so many calls a day, this usually leads to employees action to hit a number on a report card VS. trying to find the best candidate for the client. This is the main reason of our job, and sometimes it takes weeks and months to do this. Bad behaviour usually happens when unnecessary matrix’s are involved vs management the right way
  7. Let’s do this Job with Integrity – too many stories out there where agencies and people in this industry are driven more by $
  8. TIME – We like to give time back. Need time to go to the gym in the afternoon, or drop off or pick up your kids, go see your kid performing in a school play, watch them play a school soccer game or want to leave early to the cottage to miss traffic, we like to give time back you
  9. Vacation Policy– want an extended Vacation, No problem
  10. No Office POLITICS ..We avoid gossip and petty disputes at all cost. Any time I hear of anything that resembles bad culture or gossip, we should shut down and confront and concerns head on.
  11. Christmas Season – we do not come into the office for 2 weeks – you should spend that time with your FAMILY. If you want to come into the office during that time, the decision is yours. Even though it was very busy over this past Christmas season, it’s nice to work from home, or somewhere warm during that time
  12. Work from Anywhere- In this business, we can work almost anywhere, all you need is Wifi and a phone. With Skype, Facetime, and new technology coming every day to make communication and interaction easier, you can work almost anywhere in the world.
  13. Relationships TRUMP Ownership – you can work with any client we have. Some firms don’t let you work on a client that someone else owns, that’s ridicules, No one can manage an organization that has hundreds of hiring managers
  14. Company Centric NOT Industry Centric- stuck working with one vertical, you can work with any client, in any vertical, as long as it makes sense
  15. Recruiters – we are not big fans of multiple recruiters working on the same role, we believe a recruiter has greater success if they have exclusivity on the roles they work on, instead of going after the same candidates
  16. Fee’s and guarantee’s – we like to ensure a WIN WIN for us and our clients, we will never be obligated to ensure we need to be a certain % or Guarantee period, we will work with every client individually to ensure we come to proper arrangement – We have no profit numbers we need to make sure our shareholders are happy with 


Full-time Required