Accumet Engineering

Accumet is the name you can trust for all your critical material processing and laser machining requirements. We not only offer some of the most innovative techniques to achieve the most precise tolerances and highest performance—we invented them—starting back in 1970. We pioneered a variety of now 100% proven techniques for lapping, polishing, diamond sawing, laser drilling, cutting, rotary marking, ablation, and welding that have become defacto industry processes. We supply a variety of medical and bioscience, RF/microwave and microelectronics, aerospace and defense manufacturers from two facilities just north of Boston, Massachusetts. Accumet provides a one-stop, unified point-of-contact for a multitude of project and program requirements. We will stock your custom ceramic substrates, metals, tubes, foils, adhesives, frozen epoxies, plastics, RF absorbers, EMI materials, etc., and will also provide valued-added secondary processing and assembly services to help optimize your supply chain. Our customers are located throughout the U.S.A. from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, to Texas, Colorado, Northern and Southern California, Washington, and Oregon. Materials and parts can be made to nearly any size or shape, and with a variety of surface finishes. Accumet’s secondary capabilities include od/id grinding, tumbling, mechanical assembly, painting, packaging, and delivery services. You can also tap into our filled-via planarity process to reduce back and forth shipments for various steps in your circuit manufacturing process. From prototyping to long-term design-for-manufacturability of your particular project, our engineering team will support you every step of the way.