The Wenger Group

The Wenger Group, Inc. is a leading family-owned agricultural products and services organization, which includes Wenger Feeds, LLC, Nutrify, LLC, Dutchland Farms, LLC, Risser Grain, LLC, and Hoober Feeds. With over 450 team members and ten feed milling locations in two states, the company is a regional provider of poultry, swine, and dairy feeds, performance ingredient solutions, conventional and specialty eggs, grain, fertilizer, and allied services in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Core Values: Our corporate culture has played a central role in our success as individuals and as a company. As we see it, it is the sum of these beliefs and/or values that have animated our company. The foundation of our culture and our Core Values serve as a guide for how we do business daily —internally and externally. We need to live them at work and in our personal lives. By our actions, we do what we value most. Those around us see what we do more than what we say we do. Culture and its values are hard to put into measured specifics, but the outcomes are very clear. Integrity: Honesty and sound moral character define us. Quality: We maintain standards of excellence in all that we do. Respect: We value one another—team members, customers, and vendors. Safety: We put safety first to ensure the physical health and safety of every team member. Stewardship: We manage our lives and assets responsibly for a sustainable future for our team members, customers, community, and the environment.