Atlanta Girls'​ School

The Atlanta Girls'​ School, an independent school, provides a challenging college preparatory program in a learning environment design to foster the full potential of each student and to enable her to become a vital contributor to our complex global society. AGS uses research-driven, girl-centered strategies both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure a learning environment that is right for girls. Students learn to take appropriate risks, be courageous leaders, and give back to their communities. When AGS opened in 2000, Atlanta was the only city of its size in the U.S. without an all girls'​ school, and there had not been a single sex school for girls in more than 30 years. The founders of AGS saw the great value in what research proved then and still demonstrates today: the psychological, social, and academic benefits of a single sex education for adolescent girls. Across the country, all girls'​ schools show that young women thrive when they were placed in single sex educational environments during their middle and high school years, with more than 12% of girls from single sex schools go on to study in STEM fields, compared to 2% of girls from traditional schools. AGS now boasts 210 graduates who have matriculated at top ranking schools, including Harvard University, Yale University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, and Columbia University. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: