HR Collaborative

About Us

HR Collaborative offers what an individual cannot: a wealth of expertise and combined experience, tailored to your particular challenges, inspiring your growth, enhancing your strengths.

Who is HR Collaborative?

We are a women-owned and led full-service HR firm. We work tirelessly to make work better for small to mid-sized organizations by filling in the HR gaps they have today and working with them to build sustainable people practices for tomorrow.

What services do we provide?
We're recognized for our onsite and virtual flexible HR talent, executive search and agile recruiting, leadership coaching and team development, rewards and recognition expertise, and comprehensive HR consulting services.

What communities do we serve?
While based in West Michigan, we support clients in Metro Detroit, across the state, and throughout the Midwest. We also serve a growing number of clients with multi-state locations.

Our Core Values

We build personal relationships with our clients.We collaborate with each other.We pitch in to help.We're worthy of trust.We are people promoters.We do it right.

We become part of the organizations we serve. We attend staff meetings. We answer an employee’s calls. We go to holiday parties and summer picnics. We don’t just know our clients' HR. We know their business goals and aspirations, fears, and concerns. We believe that HR should complement and enhance the business, not be a necessary evil that is pushed to the corner of the operation. We have relationships that go beyond the transactions and become transformational.

Our Commitment to
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) makes work better. That’s why we are committed to creating spaces where all are welcome and able to do their best work.

What does our DEIB commitment mean for our clients?
We recognize that every organization is in a different place on its DEIB journey. We meet our clients where they are at and walk alongside them to build sustainable DEIB practices.

In all of our talent acquisition and placement opportunities, we strive to present our clients with a diverse slate of talent that best represents the communities they work in and serve.

What does our DEIB commitment mean for our community?
We prioritize our sponsorship, donations, and time to programs, events, and organizations that advance DEIB in the community. We actively seek out local, minority vendors to diversify our supply chains.

What does our DEIB commitment mean for ourselves?
Yes, we are a women-owned and led organization, but we know we have more miles to go on our own DEIB journey.

So what actions are we taking right now?

  • Improving representation. We are committed to being unapologetically intentional in our efforts to build a more diverse HR Collaborative. We are weighing every hiring and growth position through a DEIB lens.
  • Creating paths for conversations. We are proactively encouraging and supporting opportunities, both at HR Collaborative and in the community, for us to learn, to meet others, and to grow. We are in the process of assigning an ombudsperson to provide staff a space to openly and confidentially discuss their experiences here at HR Collaborative.
  • Identifying our blind spots. Being a consulting firm ourselves, we know the value of having an outside perspective guiding internal transformation. We are excited to be working with Skot Welch and Global Bridgebuilders to audit our policies and practices.