The American Deposit Management Company

The American Deposit Management Company is the go-to firm for CFO’s, Treasury Professionals, and Public/Private Finance Managers looking for #fintech and proprietary cash management solutions. ADM is the only firm in the United States to provide Marketplace Banking™ and Smarter Cash™ solutions. We work with corporations, municipalities, universities, and countless other businesses looking to Earn More and Risk Less. The days of sacrificing rate for safety are over. You CAN have both. With services ranging from income-generating deposit management to business banking solutions, we focus on achieving long-term financial success for our clients. We deliver our services through an expansive network of FDIC-insured financial institutions and specialize in privately insured, collateralized, and FDIC-insured certificates of deposit and money market management. We have a proven ability to grow balances for the funds we service. We also provide Bond Proceeds Management, Settlement & Escrow Services, Merchant Services, Vendor Payment Solutions, and more. Get in touch with us today --‚Äč> 800-407-5150 or