Congruity HR

The strength of your company is your people. They are your most powerful asset; and it is your culture - not your products and services - that ultimately define who you are, and how you will be received in today's marketplace. Culture sets the tone for your organization. It not only informs how your employees will interact with each other, but also "how"​ and "what"​ they'll communicate to your customers. Don’t leave your culture to chance. Unlike any provider in the marketplace, our solutions are completely about you. As our competitors bundle boilerplate solutions that assume "what works for one company will work for another"​, we make it a point to understand the needs, processes and cultures of the clients we serve. With your company at the core of everything we do, our team works closely with you to customize a meaningful scope of intentional services that spur engagement and personal growth within your people, and enhance your brand. Through highly-flexible PEO (co-employment) and ASO (a-la-carte solutions) service delivery platforms, Congruity aligns your company's human and capital resources with strategic business goals and objectives. The end result is a stronger, more focused organization- optimized for growth.