Apex International Education Partners, LLC (AIEP)

AIEP was established in 2011 to assist U.S. secondary educational institutions with the recruiting and hosting of international students from China & Vietnam, while providing quality and safe local homestays and dormitories. Our goal is to promote greater diversity in U.S. high schools, facilitate cultural awareness amongst American, Chinese, and Vietnamese students, and ease the process of living and learning abroad. Through the years, AIEP has created a portfolio of 100+ private day schools located exclusively in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, 3 dormitory locations and 300 host families that will oversee the well-being, care, safety and education of over 400 international students annually from China & Vietnam. Our program ensures that students will succeed not only academically, but also socially while integrating into the American culture and education system.