AIRSYS Cooling Technologies Inc. (USA) is a subsidiary of Airsys Refrigeration Engineering Technology Co. Ltd (AIRSYS) and is responsible for the distribution and support of all AIRSYS Telecom and Data Center products for North America. AIRSYS is a global leader in ICT cooling. With its strength in R&D, production capacity, and over two decades of experience providing energy-efficient cooling solutions, AIRSYS is a respected and proven worldwide HVAC-solutions provider. ASN brings this high-quality product to North America and provides top-tier customer service, technical support, and sales to both service contractors and end-users with the mission of providing solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). We will be adding the Human Comfort heat pumps to our product offering end of 2018 and full on 2019. With our VFD inverter technology, we are the most efficient and the quietest wall mount (SPVU) on the market.

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About AIRSYS: AIRSYS is one of the leading international manufacturers of ICT (Information Communication Technology) cooling solutions. We provide a wide range of cooling solutions for: data centers, mobile shelters, outdoor telecommunication cabinets, large medical equipment and other industrial applications.   We have been providing our energy efficient cooling solutions to our clients for the past quarter century and have successfully established a strong global presence across all seven continents with offices in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, China, Singapore, Turkey, and Australia. Globally, we currently employ close to 600 employees. We strongly stand by our core competitiveness, which is comprised of our innovative technologies, shorter lead-time and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our products are proven to be energy saving, intelligent in control capabilities, and highly reliable in all challenging climate...
Jun 10, 2021