Experience Factor

At Experience Factor, we know you want to hire the best talent. The problem is that hiring is hard; it takes a lot of time and energy and you can still end up with the wrong candidate. If you don’t make the right decision, a bad hire can cost you money, frustrate your current team, and hurt your internal reputation. We believe that hiring can and should be easier. Since 2004, Experience Factor has helped over 500 Colorado companies successfully hire more than 5000 employees. Here is how we do it: 1. Call us at 303-300-6976 to set up an in-depth Recruiting Plan 2. Be guided through a vetted and proven recruiting process 3. Hire the perfect candidate Give us a call to schedule a strategic conversation to discuss your specific hiring challenge. Stop losing time, money, and credibility - and instead be a hiring hero. Experience Factor offers customized recruiting services that solve business problems and impact business performance. As a boutique firm, our solutions are nimble, agile and matched to our client’s unique business goals, challenges and budget. We know your company is more than your job description, and that each candidate is more than their resume. The lasting relationships we form are a testament to our success. In fact, 88% of the people we have placed in the past five years are still with the companies where we have placed them!