Antony International Solutions, LLC (AIS)

Most would assume that in business, things must evolve and change in order to grow and adapt. Angela has found in her 15+ years of business experience that change is often painful for many business leaders. There are many aspects of business that are proven methods to success, but nonetheless they should always be tested and reinvented in order to keep up with societal and cultural changes occurring with their customers. This line of thought brings you to the birth of Antony International Solutions (AIS).

The birth of Flex Recruiting occurred in 2013.  After taking on a few contract roles, Angela had a client who was in need of a new solution. They had been struggling to find the experienced recruiter willing to partner in finding the flexible solution they required.  In conversations over a solution, Angela discovered a structure that provided the support needed. After 13 years of traditional methods, this even raised her eye brow initially.  After getting past the traditional mindset, a light bulb didn’t just flicker, it exploded leaving Angela wondering, “Why didn’t I think of this when I managed recruiting?”.