Hito Labs

Hito Labs is a small recruiting firm, that embeds with growing tech companies to provide high-touch an expertise. Hito Labs Recruiters focus on interviewing, relationship building, and owning the internal hiring process.

Part of theTeam

We want to really understand the role and client team, and collaborate with hiring managers. From uncovering and describing why talent would want the role to guiding the team through the interview process.

Small Companies

We work best with small companies under 100 people, and can take all, or just the most pressing open roles. We hand-hold, and work with initiative, to get hiring managers through the hiring gauntlet, and get the best employees on their team.

Prioritizing People

We really care about giving good feedback to applicants to having an efficient interview process. We work to engage employees from the start. We want to the right stuff - it helps build great teams, and makes our job easier.