Relode is a referral community that connects the best healthcare professionals to the best healthcare jobs. The fastest growing healthcare network, Relode is the realization of what the future of healthcare staffing looks like — an online marketplace where professionals refer and apply for jobs. Employers are able to connect directly with our community of qualified, interested, and engaged healthcare professionals to find the perfect fit for any job opening. At Relode, we put the hiring rewards back in the hands of the referrer, saving hospitals and healthcare organizations from costly staffing firm fees and other expenses. Our mission is to become healthcare's most trusted staffing firm, setting a new standard of service, value and innovation for all involved. It’s healthcare recruitment, all better.

Relode Remote
At Relode, we've created a virtual network of independent healthcare recruiters and professionals who  Research, Locate and Deliver  (Relode) great candidates to hundreds of healthcare clients across the country. Our business model and technology are disrupting the traditional staffing model for the better. Being a part of Relode’s virtual recruiter community gives you… Flexibility.  Work from anywhere you want, whenever you want. As a 1099 contractor you become your own boss with complete autonomy. You just need to permanently reside in the U.S. with local bank and contact information. Great Rewards . Refer candidates to top jobs and earn between $1,000 and $15,000 per hire. Plus, earn Submission Rewards for each client submitted candidate you directly manage, deposited into your bank account within 48 business hours. Proprietary Platform . We built this platform just for you. Browse jobs, find leads, qualify candidates, and track...
Jun 25, 2020