Prime Energy Solar

Solar service company based in Milford CT.

Prime Energy Solar Remote (Milford, CT, USA)
We are searching for a motivated Virtual Recruiter to assist our company in finding the best candidates for a range of jobs across different departments, Sales & Marketing, Administration, Installation and Customer Service. The Virtual Recruiter's responsibilities will include writing clear job descriptions and posting them online, sourcing and screening potential candidates, communicating with the HR Director and staff, reviewing job requirements, conducting interviews, assisting with on boarding, and helping with any other recruitment-related tasks. Virtual Recruiter Responsibilities: Writing detailed, clear job descriptions and posting them on a range of job boards to attract candidates. Communicating with the Manager/Supervisor and reviewing job descriptions to ensure accurate shortlisting of candidates. Fostering solid professional relationships with prospective hires. Following up promptly with prospective hires. Screening candidates and scheduling interviews....
May 18, 2020