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Here's a quick roundup of some HR survey data making headlines. Over the past year, the pandemic has changed so many facets of the job market—but there is one area where job seekers may want to pay particular attention: what companies are looking for in job candidates. According to a survey out today from leading global RPO provider, PeopleScout, the overwhelming majority of hiring managers say the pandemic has changed what...
In case you missed last weeks community hangout we chatted with Talent Consultant Jodi Brandstetter who gave us the rundown on how she self-published her first book on Amazon called "Hire by Design". You can watch the replay below and skim some of the transcript as well for the important highlights of our conversation. How long did it take you to write it? The book is only 107 pages long. I made the decision that I was going to...
Here's a quick roundup of some interesting job and HR surveys that caught our eye. The rise in importance of temporary jobs during the pandemic has been undeniable as businesses look to navigate an unpredictable climate. A new survey out today from staffing leader PeopleReady finds that many companies (40%) are planning to make temporary jobs a permanent part of their post-pandemic workforce model. In the past year, 52% of companies...
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