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HR Lancers Blog

A new report by digital payment platform Payoneer says that freelancers are experiencing a huge surge in demand. The report, titled,  Freelancing in 2020: An Abundance of Opportunities Report  confirms the outlook of a resilient workforce that maintained its optimism even through the immediate slump that occurred at the beginning of the pandemic. "While the global economy has slowed elsewhere, skilled workers are...
Upwork has released the results of “ Freelance Forward: 2020 ”, the most comprehensive study of the U.S. independent workforce, which found that a significant number of Americans freelanced during the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing $1.2 trillion to the economy. The increase was fueled in part by an influx of younger, highly-skilled professionals seeking flexible alternatives to traditional employment. They surveyed more...
FULL TRANSCRIPT Chris Russell: So, let's get to our guest here. Let me introduce Laura Mazzullo. She is the founder and owner of East Side Staffing based in New York City. It's a boutique recruitment firm focused on placement of experienced HR professionals. For the last 15 years, Laura's developed a successful career in recruitment and brings an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for building relationships. She's committed to,...
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