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If you missed our last community hangout you missed some great tactical advice for using content to drive revenue. But you're in luck because here's the replay hot off the interwebs. Content Marketing Topics I've been blogging, writing ebooks and podcasting for years so for me content is a primary way that I make myself known. But its a great marketing tool for any an HR freelancer you can use it drive...
The crux of a successful recruitment exercise is not just about finding the best talent for your company. It also lies in creating a good candidate experience. Seasoned recruiters always make efforts to ensure a good candidate experience for their applicants. Regardless of whom they hire – every applicant should walk away with the best candidate experience. This has a positive impact on your company’s branding as an employer and...
In the new State of Remote Work study from Owl Labs, your future employees will expect that you offer remote work as a standard benefit. Aimed at helping management and leadership teams better understand their employees' expectations and requirements heading into the next wave of work coming off COVID-19, the report compiled data from more than 2,025 full-time workers across the United States. The report analyzes employees working...
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