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By Alissa Penney, A Better HR Your company is growing. Things are really taking off and you’re ready to add employees to your team to help take your company to the next level. As exciting as that is, there are a lot of complications that come from growing. You already know what to expect in your day to day work duties but how do you communicate those expectations to your new employees? Employee handbooks (or policy manuals) are...
Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our latest meetup with Laurie Ruettimann the popular HR writer/speaker/podcaster. She talked for an hour about how she makes a living in the HR world and dished out some great tips and tactics for any freelancer. Visit her website . One of the attendees called it "one of the best, down to earth Zoom meeting I have ever attended." You can now watch the replay below or skim the full transcript....
By Alissa Penny of A Better HR If you’ve been one of the folks recently placed into a remote working environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve likely discovered what other remote workers have known for ages:  working from home is tough. Being an HR professional on top of working remotely probably feels like a recipe for disaster. There are constant distractions (all of your favorite things are there!). Your...
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