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Here's a quick roundup of some interesting job and HR surveys that caught our eye. The rise in importance of temporary jobs during the pandemic has been undeniable as businesses look to navigate an unpredictable climate. A new survey out today from staffing leader PeopleReady finds that many companies (40%) are planning to make temporary jobs a permanent part of their post-pandemic workforce model. In the past year, 52% of companies...
A new survey of 400 U.S.-based independent contractors, conducted by payroll and business payments platform Everee found that 59% work for more than one company and 91% want to get paid more frequently than every two weeks. Faster pay can improve financial wellness for these workers, of which only 15% have enough to cover an emergency expense. Other findings from the survey show an opportunity for employers who are competing for...
Dee Ann Rutens runs Jubilee HR Consultants in Mobile Alabama. She is the latest featured HR Consultant to join HR Lancers. We asked her some questions by email to find out what she specializes in. What do you consider your top 3 skills as an HR freelancer?   Root cause analysis .  Together with my partner, Kathleen, we have the real world experience to quickly triage and stabilize a situation, and recommend steps...
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